Leo 19 december horoscope

Is there somebody in your life you have been holding a grudge against? There is no place for spite in a heart as pure as yours. Breathe and release. Today is the day to heal the old wounds.

What Your Sign's December Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Cosmic tip: Vibrating at the frequency of unconditional love will transform your Universe. In your mission to build security and stability, you are learning the importance of investing your time and energy in projects that promise mind-blowing results. Continue to be consistent in your efforts, knowing that you will get the rewards and recognition you deserve. The secret to success however is perfecting that elusive work-life balance. Word to the wise: nurture your own garden before you set out to conquer the world. Cosmic tip: Continue to be consistent in your efforts knowing that you will get the rewards and recognition you deserve.

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As a sensitive soul, you need no words to understand what another is going through. When your soul fam turns to you for love, keep your judgments and biases aside. Simply hear them.

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Remember, everybody is entitled to make their own mistakes. On your part, you can gently nudge them towards their truth. The actions they take after is entirely up to their free will. Cosmic tip: Be the kindest, most loving version of yourself. Practice listening without letting your judgements and biases get in the way.

Channel your creative energy into dreaming up that vision board and then taking the required action. The Universe will give you tangible proof as support. For the bohemian souls, self-expression is on the cards. Ditch your comfort zone in favour of realising what you are truly capable of. Allow yourself to feel them entirely. See how your heart begins to open the second you do.

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Surprise, surprise! Is your heart breaking or it mending herself? Here's something you want to ask yourself today. Pain is the biggest teacher, Capricorn. Without glorifying what you are going through, take a moment to process your life lessons. Let the gift of awareness help you grow and evolve from here. No matter what transpires, resist the urge to play the victim card.

Cosmic tip: Without glorifying the pain, ask yourself what it is trying to teach you.

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The world is your oyster—literally so! Be aware of the pathways opening up for you. Could they be a bridge to the future you have always imagined for you?

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Aquarius, let your wild, wild soul guide you. If you have been too caught up in the mundane, step aside and get some perspective. Start delegating right away so you can focus on the bigger things. Work will take care of itself—and those emails can wait until tomorrow. Get up, breathe, and, stretch.

Give your stagnant energy a chance to move. Sometimes the best way to seek inspiration is by not looking for it. A run in the park or the wilderness if you have that option could be the answer to letting the right ideas show up unannounced. Aries horoscope today Things to remember in your darkest hour: 1. Cosmic tip: Help is close at hand. Cancer horoscope today Where is everybody going to?

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You have endured some truly difficult times these past few weeks so grab this much deserved break by the ankles! Tip of the day : Something silly such as walking into a glass door, or tripping on a missed step could cause you an injury so eyes wide open Taurus, eyes wide open. An uncharacteristically lazy day for you Gemini that you will wish to spend doing nothing but spend with friends, catching up with friends, making conversation and get nothing done, and any attempts to coerce you to do otherwise will only incite your wrath.

❤️ Leo 19 - 25 December 2016

The Sun is about to enter Capricorn and your seventh house indicating an upheaval when it comes to bonding with people closest to you. Work will hold nothing extraordinary as it will only be a routine day for you although your camaraderie with your colleagues should be taken seriously. Tip of the day : Everyone knows not to meddle between you and your music Cancer, but for a change try being more social today and you will be surprised with the results.

Limit your breaks to breaks and not mini-sabbaticals. Virgo individuals involved in creative professions such as artists, writers and performers will begin to experience a surge in their enthusiasm to undertake new projects and get involved with many things at once. Your personal life will also begin to indicate a revival of any romantic involvements or inclinations you may have had, so your significant other will have lots of trouble disliking just about anything you do. If you have been waiting to ask someone out, do it fearlessly for your fifth house is about to receive the abundant energies of the Sun come December 21st and you will be all charm.

Blow the siren and let everyone know the holidays are here Libra because no one is as excited, at ease and as prepared for the holidays as you are this year. As the Sun slips into Capricorn and your fourth house, you will begin to trade those crisp suits and formals for a comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirt, shoes for furry slippers and coffee for a cup of hot cocoa! Use this time to mesh out your re-emergence from the holiday spirit into the New Year with a renewed ambition.

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  8. Tip of the day : A long overdue apology could surprise you today, and you might feel inclined to respond with hostility but try being open to explanations and things may turn out better. Spontaneity shall come naturally to you Scorpio as you will enthrall all and sundry with your management skills that will not only make sure things run smoothly, but also save the holidays.

    khjfdgjhfg.co.vu/12645.php A few immediate and important decisions regarding the holidays will require you to act quickly, and act you will. Stay vigilant regarding not sacrificing your personal life and relationships to make everyone else happy.

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    Tip of the day : You could encounter someone you used to be romantically involved with, and this may cause you some discomfort but put on a brave face and soon it will be over. A financial decision you take today could deliver tremendous financial gain to you after the holidays. Your instincts are as sharp as ever right now Sagittarius so use them wisely and to full effect.

    At the workplace, these heightened instinctive abilities will help you make a desirable impact but only if you take initiative. Other aspects have the possibility of not panning out too well as you could experience an unexpected disappointment that could sour your mood. Tip of the day : If you are looking forward to making travel plans for the next month this is a wonderful time to book tickets, apply for a leave or even convince your friends to tag along.