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Cancer Zodiac Sign Dark Side (Man and Woman) [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

As they have strong need for material and emotional security, they will actively create an environment where they can feel safe from the world, its problems and pressures. They will withdraw into their protective shell should they find themselves in hostile situations and are quite capable of giving the impression of self assurance and toughness while actually feeling quite vulnerable.

If the family or loved one is threatened they become courageous and can be more manipulative than the Scorpion who is known to be the master of manipulation, so be careful. Their particular brand of manipulation uses emotional blackmail to perfection! They can be shrewd, intuitive, receptive and possess a retentive memory.

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However, realise that their emotions will always colour their thoughts. When highly stressed they can become hyper sensitive, moody and be inclined to self pity while harbouring slights. Relationships provide a source of nourishment. They are the natural home makers. Cancer folk give so much of themselves in a relationship and if it goes wrong they will be bitterly disappointed and become despondent. They may tend to smother their partners or children and can be widely sentimental, delightfully romantic often reflecting on their courtship days when love was euphoric.

They can be manipulative and use emotional blackmail.

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Although manipulation is usually associated with the sign of Scorpio, never underestimate how manipulative a cancer can be. Read your horoscope and Numerology for complete insight into your year. Gemini is said to have a split personality and can flutter between being astonishingly sweet and crazy ruthless. Writing Gemini off as a soft touch would be a huge mistake because these guys no how to handle themselves.

Gemini horoscope reveals what you must know.

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Cancer horoscope reveals the best secrets ever! If you want our advice, this is one zodiac sign not to mess with! Read the Virgo horoscope for exciting information. Sugar, spice and everything nice seems to describe the Libra personality just about right.

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Libra horoscope gives you the insight you need. Sagittarius is without doubt one of the most laid-back zodiac signs , but if people push their buttons there will be hell to pay. Sagittarius does their best to stay cool in every situation but the rage inside them tends to boil up and can at times explode. Sagittarius horoscope gives you complete astro forecast.

I am a double gemini male with Scorpio Rising and i Will always try to help people , especially the weaker ones.

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I often go with the flow because we gemini,s are not stupid and we know that you can achieve more in life with honey then you can with vinagre. But i know for sure that we are the darkest of zodiac inside..

Cancer (Zodiac) and Depression

Like Scorpio , capricorn , virgo and sometimes Aries.. They want to look dark and they choose to be dark. A thrue gemini gives off a bright energy at first glance but if you get to know them a bit better you Will meet Parra of their dark twin while the above mentionedare the other way around..

But is in fact a dark and serious bi polar person.. While Scorpio , capricorn and virgo try to give off a serious dark and stable temperament while inside they are friendly , insecure , light and brighter them you expect. Off all zodiacs gemini has the winner mentality they need to win , while other powerfull zodiacs want to have control.. With or without control , The actual winning at the end is extremely important to a gemini and they Will win. Even tough my ascendant is Scorpio Rising , so i may appear a little more serious then a average gemini , my sun is in gemini and my moon too so i think i am a pretty pure gemini soul.

Dark Zodiac Signs: What Your Dark Side Is According To Your Horoscope

We hate it when someone thinks they are smarter or stronger then us. It sounds arrogant but we are like that.. Off course there are smarter people out there and stronger too.. We think we can do it all at easy without learning and finally we see other people reach goals while we are still walking urban for just a sandwich. That is our problem. We geminians need to learn to focus to bring up our fullest potentials because we have skill,s and talents..

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    When we really want something we must be more focused and then i know for sure there is nothing we Cannot do. We often get negative revieuws , like backstabbers , lyars , fraudes and Thieves , serial killers , story tellers , fantasts, and cheaters..