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Maybe this horary chart can be interpret this way: You are signified by Ma at 12Vi57 and Moon in 5house?? Death is signified by Ve at 29Can There are no applaying aspects between significators Ve changes sign before Moon perfect square with her so the answer is "no". Than that indicators in natal chart we could explain like this: With Ar on cusp of 8 house you are preoccupy with death not because you affraid of it , but because you are ready to research that apparition. And that ruler of 8 in first tells us that you talk a lot with anothers about death.

William Lilly. Find all posts by Radu. The thought occurred to me when I read your post and looked at your chart that possibly you died young in one or more past lives, and so you carry the memory of that. Maybe this is where the belief comes from that you will die early in this one? A good possibility, I think We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Radu, thanks for this excerpt from Christian Astrology. There is so much to learn. Inspired with this Missa question I was curious to know when will I die. Event is certain, so we know that there must be a timing in the chart somewhere. We ignore prohibitions, we push our significators as far as we need through sign after sign. There are 2 barriers we cannot allow our significators to pass: conjuction with the Sun station. Goca, I wish you a long and fruitful life. And always remember; we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give -- Winston Churchill.

Of course we dont die, just pass over. However I see possible passing for you in a foreign country or connected with a foreign person. There would have to be heavy transits through the 8th and perhaps 12th also 6th house for you to pass. A lot of people feel they are going to die young. What is young, it could be 40,60,??????? I feel it wont be a violent death but perhaps in your sleep and possibly at home.

It is best to just live our lives day by day as if being told when you will die, somehow you can will that to happen or bring it about. There are about 5 different times when we can exit throughout our lives and I believe we choose when to ultimately pass or it is written in our birth contract. Goldstein-Jacobson not sure if this is of any help to anyone Will there be a death soon?

A malefic in the 8th signifies a death in the family during the year and if aspecting D their difference in degree gives the approximate time. IF the ruler of the 8th, 4th, 10th or 3rd is afflicted, it signifies that death is now approaching the family. Any malefic ruling the 9th and coming to the 8th cusp denotes death on the way, to arrive after some months.

Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Mercury denote death from natural causes and generally painless unless with Mars or Saturn. The Sun denotes death from constitutional weakness, usually beginning or ending with the heart, and if afflicted by the Moon or malefic in the prenatal 4th it is usually congenital: existing at birth. Uranus in or conjunct the 8th shows death sudden and unexpected, and probably by accident if he is with Mars. M ars in or conjunct the 8th denotes violent death that is quickly over: an acute attack, or perhaps by murder or suicide if he is with Neptune.

Neptune in or conjunct the 8th denotes death in a coma with possibility of mistaken diagnosis - or suspended animation leading to premature burial.

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Death comes slowly if Saturn is in or conjunct the 8th: from chronic disability, or if with Mercury by strangling or asthmatic attack; and if Neptune is also involved, the possibility of drowning. The ruler of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th or 10th the most afflicted and nearest the 8th cusp designates the one who is next to die. Note that the 1st house rules others besides the querent: his death is never shown. The death may take place either before or after the date of the question, and the querent hears of it at once if the Moon is in an angular house; later if succeeding, and much later if cadent.

Intercepted, the news is long suppressed. In the question on page , asked in May, there are two malefics in the 8th. In the preceding March and April two men in the family died. The planet is Mars, conjunct the 9th: he was a brother-in-law. Saturn was also a brother -in-law. Six months later the father died. The ascendant plus the ruler of the 8th and then minus Saturn gives the Part of Peril P. Capricorn on the 8th always puts P conjunct the Ascendant and dangerous if afflicted.

If P is conjunct a malefic and in bad aspect to the ascendant or its ruler, the person is in danger. The moon afflicting any malefic in the 1st is a danger signal. Hello to all, About to die young, I had some great wish before my 30th year, to live full life, because I wanted to die just with 30 years.

First of all, because I became sick already with 16 years. Second maybe, because by Regression, in all my 3 Past lives, I have died with 23 years. My first suicide try in this life was with 23 years and 9 months, but I was rescued. In Birth Chart, there is one Aspect I don't want to write it, because of other members, who want to live, and not think about death , that shows, will the person have short life.

I am not affraid of death Venus, ruler of 8th in 8th. I am more affraid of such a life, as I have now. Beside that, I collect Birth Charts from famous people, who died young. Also from the people, that made suicide. Somebody told me, I have flirtation with death. Could be! This flirtation is very dangerous. Like playing Lotto, you play, and you win or you don't. I think your soul has made a contract when incarnating again on the earth plane when it is likely to pass over. I too have Venus in Libra in 8th ruled by Venus.

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I believe in the afterlife and have no fear of "death". Venus sextile Pluto. Neptune conjunct Venus in 8th. Depending on the transits of Pluto, Saturn and Mars to the 8th house, 1st house, 12th house, these can all denote "death". Even the flowing aspects such as sextile, trine and some conjunctions which mean an easy passover or one that is welcomed and accepted. Many people die on their Saturn Returns and the Pluto square Pluto of midlife.

So many scenarios. Hello Goca, I have seen your mail, opened that, and there was my language. Very strange! Missa, Don't confuse your Natal chart with a Horary chart. The William Lilly passage was pertaining to a Horary Chart. I'm not a professional astrologer but your natal chart is supposed to be a blueprint of your life with many paths you can take. If there are indications of a short life it doesn't necessarily mean it will turn out that way unless you take that path.

You dn't necessarily manifest everything in your birth chart. Hello to all, When I look this explanation between ruler of 1st and 8th, what about us, who have the same ruler? My ruler of both houses is Venus. That means, Venus must make square to itself, to show the time, when I am going to die. It is true, that my mother died at 86, my aunt is now 87 years old. What about me? I don't want to have answer about that. I would like to be surprised. I think, there is Part of death, there is Pluto, we have to look both of them, by somebody's death, not only 1st and 8th house.

My good friend died very young, 28 years old. She died, when her natal Pluto came with 28 degrees to the cusp of Scorpio at the same time, cusp of her 8th house, she was AC Aries. When that is so easy, then every Astrologer would know, how long is he going to live. And many of them don't want to know it. Or simple, they can't count it excatly. I feel we must also look at Neptune and the 12th house for death.

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Also the heavy Pluto transits and the Saturn Returns can be indicative of passing over. I have 8th house planets and this indicates the nature of the death often.

So I have a good idea of that. There are those who can predict death using the Almuten etc but I dont concentrate on that. I dont want to know as I am interested in living my life.

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I have two elderly parents who are dying and I am sure it will be soon but I dont want to know the date. I saw the death of my younger sister as imminent and it was very painful I can tell you. It was clear in my chart and those of my family but in different ways. I believe in the afterlife and so on but the grief is still there. This happened on my 2nd Saturn Return and also lost our beloved family dog.

Lets live for life!! Dear Claire, I must say, I am very sorry for you. As you know, I have ruler of 1st and 8th in 8th Venus in Taurus , and I am really not afraid of death. It should be natural death, but I wish, I was dead already, and I understand very good, that the people who suffer to much, they want to die. But, I am afraid that dies, somebody close to me. I am collecting birth charts from famous people, as also Solar Returns, when they died. What I wrote yesterday, that if you have Venus, ruler of 1st and 8th, you should be about 90 years old, to die.

That is not true. Last night, I have seen Natal Chart of one famous politician in my ex country, who was also AC Libra, and the same ruler of both houses. He was killed, when he was 50 and half years. Then I looked in his Chart, and there was something with Saturn, when one planet came in conjuction with Saturn. That means, that Saturn is still some kind of the worst planet.

I really wish you, after all that, that all happiness from the world comes into your life. You deserve it! Nice regards, Yelena p.

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I have Neptun in 12th. Neptune in the 12th is very influential I agree. But I dont agree necessarily with the progression around the chart as you say.


I do believe in the south node as indicators of past life conditions, Saturn and also the Moon. Some say for instance as I have Pisces on the ascendant this time that it was Aquarius last time etc. I have no proof of that however my mind is open. It is all very interesting and give an order to what seems like chaos in the universe, dont you agree? That our lives have real value and purpose and we are really indestructible in our very soul and spirit???? Suicide for instance is just a passing to the other side and no one should be judged for that, it is not a crime. We are in charge of our own lives and destinies through our higher self and if we do wrong we will one dayor age right all that.

We have eternity. If we do right we are duly rewarded also. We can be aware that every day we are creating our own karma and paying off the debts also. We make our own lives past and present, I believe. List of Aztec gods and supernatural beings - Wikipedia. Death and Afterlife in Minoan Religion.

This online birth chart was weirdly spot on. Death Dream Dictionary: Interpret Now!

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