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You are self-sufficient, doing just fine alone whenever needed. Previous lives were used to master your emotional reactions and they are now harmonious. Good karma draws good fortune to you in all aspects: status, home-life, friendship, respect, healthiness, and monetary assets. Naturally capable and talented, you soar to the top either by gaining the respect and admiration of those in high places who will aid you on your journey, or you yourself find an area of expertise where you create your own success. Both the external and internal forces at work for you are blended harmoniously, making your life a bit easier than it could otherwise be.

All of your challenges are aided by this aspect and despite the obstacles, you will find tranquillity. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Cancers do not enjoy approaching situations in a straight line, but rather prefer moving indirectly learn about compatibility with Cancer here. They feel more comfortable when they can come towards something from a hidden angle and may take their time expressing themselves.

However, their emotionality is anything but slow and steady. They are prone to dramatically intense emotional reactions as their mood seems to blow with the wind. The people closest to them are likely to feel confused by the speed at which they change from cheerful to melancholic to angry. Typically a Cancer is diligent, friendly, empathetic, determined, protecting, and frugal, as well as quarrelsome, emotionally delicate, moody, instinctive, possibly even psychic, with a tendency to sacrifice themselves for others.

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A Cancer will tend to react emotionally rather than mentally. They need to be in harmonious environments as they will easily soak up the energies of those around them. Due to their sensitive emotional natures, it is likely that they consistently try to elicit responses of kindness, caring, and empathy from others; they crave regular emotional reassurance.

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They can be a bit of a homebody as the home, and those in it, are a sanctuary for them. Their ties to those closest to them are so important that they often become co-dependent on their loved ones, needing to spend as much time with them as possible and the loved ones may begin to feel suffocated, requiring their own space. Cancers are naturally inconsistent in their emotions and therefore can easily alter their views, thoughts, decisions, and the like. However, they have less energy than the average person and will tend towards doing things a bit more slowly in general.

Exercise is usually something they must force themselves to do as they do not usually enjoy it for its own merit. Unfortunately, this adds to a problem with weight gain as they age. A Cancer may increase their physical activity by utilising their strong emotional nature; channelling their intensity correctly can indeed create much needed get up and go for these personalities. Cancers remember a great deal more than most and this tied with their emotional sentimentality causes them to often sit around daydreaming about the past and what once was.

However, this also manifests as hording and clinging to their belongings, unable to throw anything out as if this would somehow mean they are throwing away a piece of their past. Family is extremely important to a Cancer and they will work very hard to provide comfort and security for those they love. They may travel at times but will always return to their home base and those closest to them.

Home is home, and they will not go too long without checking in. Traditional and often conventional, though they find themselves over-thinking and focusing too much on possible difficulties in the future. Often they deal with these worries internally and may develop problems with the lining of their stomach from the stress. They instinctively feel that they are always one step away from danger and may be extra cautious because of it, paying attention to the situation around them in a suspicious manner.

It would be most beneficial for them to develop a way to curb their emotional reactions. You can be a great comfort to others due to your stable emotional nature.

Not many things will get under your skin; you are easy going and like to preserve harmony. It is unlikely that you will have many emotional outbursts. However, once you have become accustomed to something emotionally, it is difficult for you to alter your feelings. You desire to feel secure and this will usually stem from obtaining material assets. It is possible that you will hold on to situations from the past or be sentimental with your possessions. You crave warmth and affection, as this will help counter your insecure emotions. However, at times you may become clingy and suffocate those you are closest to.

Trust and faithfulness is imperative to you in your relationships and you portray these to your loved ones. This placements denotes a tendency towards overindulgence in creature comforts and delicious foods, as this somehow sooths you deep down.

Weight issues may become troublesome for you. You may use these sensual indulgences to mask a dissatisfaction or lack of affection. You are diligent, unwavering, and capable. You have a gift in nurturing and things seem to flourish around you. Practical work, possibly where you can be outdoors in nature involved in manual labour, is likely to suit you. You do not mind following others, as long as they lead with a soft hand. Disease and physical discomfort are worrisome for you, as both are things you actively detest.

Do not become so comfortable that you refuse to alter a situation that needs to be altered; try to remain flexible. Your views are strongly held and you convey them with enthusiasm and flare. The things you believe in are important to your self-identity. You enjoy telling stories and communicate in a caring, engaging, charming, and capable manner; you are a great entertainer. Much of your showmanship is laced with dramaticism and you have signature flair when conveying your talents. You are decisive and artistically innovative; teaching may be an option for you.

Confident in your cognitive abilities, others may find you arrogant at times.


Try to be mindful of presenting yourself as more than you are, as well as being too fixed in your own exaggerated opinion of yourself; not every act of amusement needs to be praised. It would be best for you to try to be respected for your mental capabilities, rather than your purely entertaining, though perhaps shallow, endeavours. You would do well in politics, leading a team, public representative, or instructing others in some way.

You tend to be tender, nurturing, bashful, unobtrusive, romantic, and emotionally delicate. You tend to focus on the past and can be very sentimental about anyone whom you have ever been close to as well as homes or environments which you have spent time in previously. Personal traditions are significant to you and you will always make sure to remember those special days with those you care for; you expect the same care be bestowed upon you and would be quite hurt if a spouse or family member forgot a birthday or anniversary. You seek romantic partners that will nurture and take care of you, especially emotionally.

Home is a retreat for you and it must be tranquil. It is likely that you will care so deeply about those closest to you that you may suffocate them by becoming possessive and co-dependent. You may also have trouble with weight gain as you will tend to use food as a means to mask feelings of inadequacy or insecurity from a lack of affection. Your views and self-confidence in regards to relationships was probably highly influenced by your mother, and may still be to this day.

You often play the role as caregiver in a personal or group setting and others are drawn to your empathy, consideration, and charismatic personality. You take great care in all that you do, making sure each detail is just right. You do not trust others to do as good of a job as you will, and often prefer to just do the job yourself than having to correct each imperfection. You do not mind putting in the extra efforts needed to be certain that you did the best job possible, whereas others usually would not exert themselves in this fashion.

Having a task be done in a way that falls short of perfection, is not something you can abide by. You work hard to achieve the correct, effective, specific method for obtaining the best results. However, you may at times restrict yourself from even starting a task that you are unsure you can complete to your high standards. You are excellent at predicting the types of endeavours you can reasonably undertake, though at times you will undervalue your own skills.

Talented with time management, you make sure to pace yourself rather than squander your energies. You may find that you are so careful to avoid any possible issue, that you will miss advantageous chances by deeming them too risky.

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Do not limit yourself because of your self-criticism, reach for the heights and you may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Relax and do not let anxiety over the little things cause you too much stress. You are caring, harmonious, out-going, empathetic, and care about your country and fellow man. There is a tendency towards idealism and you are fascinated by spiritual or supernatural concepts. Your observations and conclusions regarding finances are top notch and it is likely that you will acquire a large amount of wealth and assets after your middle years of life.

You may also receive a great deal of aid from your family, particularly your parental figures. However, be mindful of a tendency to indulge in food and drink as this will cause weight gain as you age. Success will not come to you when you are young, but rather in your later years. It is also possible that you will become overly sentimental with your material assets, clinging to them and hording them away from others; try to curb your intense emotional reactions.

You are driven, disciplined, and orderly. While working, you can be very diligent, effective, and willing to wait as long as is necessary to reach your goals. Being dependable is important to you and you are likely to take a more serious approach to life in general.

Instinctively you comprehend that everything worth having requires a sacrifice and that pleasure can be overrated. However, work-life balance may be a particular challenge for you. You easily comprehend abstract ideas and are able to convey them in a way that is understandable to others. It is possible that you may become a workaholic as a result of feeling desperately alone or as though you are not good enough somehow. Status and success may be so valuable to you that you sacrifice more than you should in order to try to attain them.

It would be beneficial for you to curb your power-hungry tendencies as they cause you to think only of yourself. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. Your accomplishments are important to you, and you strive for others to notice and appreciate them.

However, you may go one of two ways in regards to your achievements: either you are working hard to please others, or you swing the other direction and give little thought to what anyone else thinks; try to find a balance between the two extremes. You are driven to find some sort of niche you can excel in and exert a good deal of effort to succeed in whatever it is you choose. It is likely that you will encourage others to follow in your example.

This placement bestows determination but also a tendency to flatter yourself in regards to your achievements, boosting about your successes. Depending on whether the Sun is negatively or positively aspected, those in positions of power can either greatly aid you in your success, or create limitations for you.

Try to be mindful of your tendency to become envious or possessive. There is an opportunity to experience premonitions due your strong intuition and heightened emotional energy. Your partnerships, whether they be romantic or business, are likely to provide monetary gain. Death or sexuality may be an obsession for you. It is probable that you will choose a career that involves psychology, analysis, gathering of information, detective work, the unknown, or regeneration of some sort. Written or spoken communication may be part of your career path as you have an excellent talent for articulating your thoughts, and others are likely to take notice of it.

You are very mentally active and physically agile, often being thrown into situations where you must make use of these skills. There is a tendency to be a Jack-of-all-trades and it would be difficult for you to choose only one type of career. Traveling or teaching may be part of your career path. Highly interested in foreign cultures, you are likely to move away from where you were raised. Travelling in all forms is very appealing to you and you are likely to experience a gain from these situations.

You are able to be a diplomatic presence between different cultures. There is a strong interest and enjoyment in religious ceremonies, philosophical studies, education, or law and you enjoy creative material brought to you from other cultures such as music, art, or items that are aesthetically pleasing. You are just and reasonable in legal transactions.

Your emotions tend to run high though you may suppress them or go to the other extreme and find yourself suffering from obsessive fear. Others are instinctively aware of this and create difficulties for you. There is a possibility of complications due to defamation or hidden adversaries. Buried grudges may be an issue that needs to be dealt with, and there is also a chance of false allegations from concealed sources. You feel as though you are on your own in this world. It would be wise for you to use your intense emotionality to better comprehend a deep sense of purpose and to become unified with mankind.

You dislike being in the public eye and would do best working privately or in secret. Your naturally amiable and giving nature attract success and respect into your professional or public life. Others are drawn to you and intuitively feel they may depend on you. You feel a strong sense of duty to your career and to improving yourself which will bring many advantageous opportunities to your personal life as well as to humanity in general. You embody a more traditional, conventional outlook on life and enjoy the tried and true ways of doing things rather than finding new paths just for the sake of change.

New situations may even make you uncomfortable as you prefer to know what to expect and are plagued with insecurity when in the midst of uncertain circumstances. Material possessions, including real-estate, are your way of establishing a sense of safety. There may be challenges in your home life and you may find yourself acting the authoritarian to cope with your many responsibilities. Stress may cause issues with the health of your digestive track, particularly your stomach lining. It is likely that you will be primarily involved with the care of your parental figures, as a payment for past-life karma.

If you are able to learn from your previous mistakes, you will find that life becomes easier and more enjoyable as you age. A traditional partner is not for you, as you prefer someone a bit more eccentric and unusual. Neither you nor your romantic partners want to walk on the same path as the general public, but rather create your own. It is likely that you or your partner enjoy surprising others with your unconventional preferences. Personal independence is an important factor in your relationship, and commitments may feel unnecessary to you.

You may even seek out partners who are unavailable as these romantic involvements promise no commitment from the start. Due to the unconventional nature characteristic to most of your relationships, your partnerships may baffle both yourself and others. Unique yet fascinating people tend to surround you.

It is unwise for you or your partner to attempt to dominate one another, as this will only cause problems. Try to find a balance between your independence and the time you and your partner spend with one another; you may both require much space for a relationship to work. Easily feeling trapped by any restrictions stemming from your partnership, you must be given a great deal of room to grow.

Long-distance relationships may appeal to you, as this sort of partnership has a more relaxed feel to it and you may continue to live your life as you please. Mental stimulation is an important quality that you desire from your partner, as you like a challenge. You also prefer that information is readily exchanged between you and your partner. You are most interested in an original individual who can be artistic, sociable, and not afraid to go against the crowd.

An intelligent, eccentric wild child with a great deal of charm may be just your ticket.

Birth Chart: Bejan Daruwalla (Cancer)

It may be easier for you to engage in platonic relationships than something as involved as marriage, though when you do decide to settle down, you expect an idealistic partnership where you and your significant other are good friends. In fact, friendship is probably how you found your mate. However, this placement denotes an inclination towards frivolous affairs that provide a short-lived thrill but will cause conflict with your significant other. One of the greatest challenges in your partnerships happens when personal growth occurs at a greater pace in one partner than in the other.

This growth may be so extreme that the person that entered the marriage originally no longer exists. You have high ideals and are concerned with the well-being of all people. You possess a strong intuition as far as your hopes and desires are concerned, however this placement may create challenges for you in regards to which path to take to attain your objectives. Fantasising will not help things, as hard-work will be needed to achieve them. You tend to be drawn to contacts that are quirky oddballs, often artistic or musically inclined in some way, though they may not always be dependable or honest.

Keep an eye out for those that are not who you may believe they are; these connections may try to drag you into substance abuse so be sure to keep your wits about you. Your wishes can be attained if you can achieve decisive clarity for your aspirations and keep your feet on the ground.

Your professional life or public image is often affected by unanticipated events, especially situations related to world affairs. You may come across as aggressive in your dealings; allow yourself to develop tolerance, subtlety, and acceptance for others that may not always follow your fast pace.

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World Famous Astrologer Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

This is particularly important when dealing with the general public or society as a whole. This placement may elicit a need to either benefit society somehow or retreat from it altogether. There is also a possibility towards becoming power-hungry, though using a heavy-handed approach will often lead to failure. Use your many talents and abilities to improve humanity instead. The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac.

Sabian Symbol: Scratching in the ground to find food for her chicks, a hen is in the barnyard. Kozminsky Symbol: Gold pieces are falling through the fingers of a hand. Sabian Symbol: A vast public park shows its charm and view that awes. Kozminsky Symbol: Flashes of lightning come out of a dense column of smoke. Sabian Symbol: Bursting with determination and ambition, a fat man wishes to have his own way. Kozminsky Symbol: A group forms to give a document to their king as he exits his carriage. Sabian Symbol: A man sitting on a magic carpet is hovering motionless over the land looking out at the view.

Kozminsky Symbol: As many others are digging in a field, a laborer finds himself leaning against a sturdy tree watching. Sabian Symbol: Two girls sitting close together are working with a Ouija board. Sabian Symbol: In a Greek countryside, a woman births twins weighing in golden scales.

Kozminsky Symbol: While a man sits in a prison cell, golden light comes through the window and a bird stands there singing softly. Sabian Symbol: A relay race is exciting for the bystanders. Kozminsky Symbol: Between its horns, a goat has a solar disc. Sabian Symbol: A young girl in a sheltered park is feeding the swans. Kozminsky Symbol: A blacksmith is hammering red-hot iron on an anvil. Sabian Symbol: Children of white and black ethnicity all playing happily together.

Kozminsky Symbol: Unbound books are covered by a bookbinder fastening. Sabian Symbol: A famous opera singer is performing on the stage while her fans in the audience sit in amazement. Kozminsky Symbol: Jumping over a fence quickly, a man then falls into a ditch while landing. Sabian Symbol: Three Masters hang on the wall of an art gallery with plenty of room. Kozminsky Symbol: Quarreling behind a pair of scales are two men.

Sabian Symbol: An innocent, naked little child is trying to catch a goldfish in a pond. Kozminsky Symbol: A large audience watches an acrobat perform. Toggle navigation. LIBRA rising. Sun discordant to Saturn. Mercury blending with Jupiter. Sun blending with Pluto.

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Saturn discordant to Pluto. Sun discordant to Uranus. Saturn discordant to Uranus. Uranus discordant to Pluto. Sun harmonizing with Mars. Mars harmonizing with Saturn. Moon harmonizing with Saturn. Venus harmonizing with Neptune. Mars harmonizing with Pluto. Moon harmonizing with Jupiter. Moon harmonizing with Pluto. Moon harmonizing with Mars. Moon harmonizing with Mercury. Sun harmonizing with Moon. The Cancer Symbol. Sun in Cancer. Moon in Taurus. Mercury in Leo. Venus in Cancer. Mars in Virgo. Jupiter in Cancer. Saturn in Capricorn. Sun in 10th house. Moon in 8th house.

Mercury in 10th house. Venus in 9th house. Mars in 12th house. Jupiter in 10th house. Saturn in 4th house. Uranus in 7th house. Neptune in 11th house. Pluto in 10th house. Sun in. Moon in. Mercury in. Venus in. Mars in. This is good time to incorporate the fruits of previous successes, analyse them, re-look them over and appreciate them for what they were.

The whole purpose is to get to know yourself better, to understand your life in a more holistic manner and therefore be better able to take conscious control of it. There is more to life than an intellectual understanding of it; you have to understand the essence of life experiences. Taurus: You have lived through an entire gamut of experiences, there has been an entire road show of life; you should come to grips with it all and move ahead on the basis of that understanding.

This is the theme for the start of the period. Ganesha wishes you well as you plough ahead. You should watch out for mood swings and tendencies to go under when the chips are down. Post a Comment. Read more. Location: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. September 26,