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Taurus is capable of giving Leo the love that Leo requires. If this couple works towards similar goals, they could become the perfect love story. Will harmony reign? As organized, practical, and poised individuals, this match gets on well. Together, these two are hard-working signs.

However, the sociable Taurus can find Virgo too rigid and fearful. Both Virgo and Taurus are hard workers and love working towards their common goals. Although, Taurus has interest that Virgo will never be able to understand. Virgo shouldn't be underestimated though and are capable of surprising Taurus partners. Balance is important Two signs guided by Venus, planet of love. Both attracted to creativity and in search of balance within the couple, the family.

Their intimate life is glowing. Taurus brings a practical sense to the relationship, which Libra personality lacks even though they have good intentions. Taurus brings a sense of order and organization into the free-spirited Libra's life. Libra is ready to make huge efforts and sacrifices for this relationship to work! Libra will bring a Taurus breath of freedom and fun into a Taurus' life and help them see the funny side of things!

Taurus in Love

Although, Libra could end up finding Taurus a little too materialistic, which could create tension between them! A sensual relationship! These two are different, but complementary. As sensual beings, they can pass hours in the bedroom. Scorpio personality is too complex for Taurus, who thinks pragmatically.

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Instinctive Scorpio teaches Taurus to use intuition to think things through. Love advice : Learn to understand each other on a deeper level! Scorpio's bad temper may awaken Taurus' defensive side and cause some serious tension in the relationship, this is a highly volatile couple! Taurus is the perfect partner to calm Scorpio down and teach Scorpio how to be calm and patient. Scorpio's lively personality will teach Taurus to seize the moment and to live in the present! A difficult one to call! Sagittarius personality wants to take advantage of life around them and values sociability.

Taurus, sentimental, risks becoming easily jealous and suffocating Sagittarius in their possessiveness. Taurus should reach a certain level of trust with a Sagittarius, or they risk extinguishing the flame.

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Sagittarius personalities are warm and don't appreciate being suffocated in a romantic relationship. Sagittarius will be attracted to Taurus' amazing charm and this point could save the relationship! A steady couple Here are two Earth signs, cautious and reasonable. While life can become monotone for the two , it works for them in their mutual happiness. Their work ethic grants them success in long-term projects.

On the other hand, when the unexpected strikes, they both have trouble coming back after change. They should use their practical sense to act instead of bitterness.

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Capricorn personality should keep the fire going to satisfy Taurus, a love guru. If this pair put their brains together to work through their problems, t hen their relationship will become totally unstoppable! Taurus' love sex and can't get enough of their partners when they are in a relationship, so the key to happiness really is a great sex life. A rocky ride These two signs face difficulty, because Taurus is possessive, while Aquarius personality boasts their independence loudly. Aquarius, focused on the future, has trouble assuring Taurus.

What they imagine for the future is different. This duo is better suited for work, not in love. Love advice : Be willing to work at the relationship! Aquarius is passionate and looks towards the future with ambition , but risks to have a hard time reassuring Taurus, because let's face it their visions on life and outlooks are completely different. Taurus is likely to be afraid of Aquarius' original personality, which could cause jealousy to crop up in the relationship.

If this love match is to succeed, both partners will have to put lots of effort in! Great love match! This duo has what it takes to be happy! Delicate Taurus adores poetic Pisces personality! Pisces offers Taurus magic and a love of the universe. They share an infinite love, a profound tenderness. Given their equally gentle nature, they get on wonderfully within the family.

The maternal side of Pisces combined with the paternal side of Taurus makes for the likelihood of a large family.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Taurus?

The elusiveness of Pisces can scare Taurus, but if Taurus leaves Pisces alone in their world, Pisces can offer them a sense of imagination. Both Taurus and Pisces are kind souls and have really compatible personalities.

Pisces feels a strong need to procreate and start a family and Taurus' envisage themselves with lots of children. Everything looks great for this couple, but the one downfall is that Pisces with their extensive imagination could scare Taurus away. Taurus needs to be able to recognize Pisces' need for some solo time. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?

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Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for? Read on! Taurus is definitely one of the most sensual and sexual zodiac signs, but not everyone can deal with this zodiac personality Taurus' materialistic side can annoy more low-key zodiac signs such as Sagittarius and Aquarius. Are you compatible with Taurus? You could be so test your love compatibility here to find out. Taurus compatibility reveals who you are couple goals with.

Learn more about the Taurus compatibility and find your soulmate! Taurus compatibility: Who is the best love match for Taurus? Taurus and Aries.

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But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever. Strengths : Certains similarities. Taurus compatibility with Aries: Why they are compatible Whatever their relationship, everything is a question of getting the right mixture. Click on another sign to test your love compatibility! Taurus and Taurus.

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Strengths : Lot's of things in common. Taurus compatibility with Taurus: Why they are compatible If two Taurus' are attracted to each other, their level of sensuality is next to none!

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Taurus and Gemini. Strengths : They can work well together. Taurus and Cancer. Strengths : Fighting will be very rare. Taurus compatibility with Cancer: Why they are compatible Now, here's a duo that hates fighting and yelling, and who prefer to live peacefully side by side. Taurus and Leo. Strengths : Common hunger for success. Taurus compatibility with Leo: Why they are compatible Leo needs to try a sit back in the relationship, because if Leo attempts to dominate, Taurus won't stick around for long!

Taurus and Virgo. Strengths : Points in common. But Taurus also sticks on things, and hashes and rehashes, as a trait of fixed signs, which is obstinacy. If you try to sway the opinion of a Taurus, they'll dig in, and become more entrenched in their rightness.

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Trouble arises when both lovers have to win the argument. With Taurus, it's better to let them have that territory, than to fight them all the time and be worn down by their dogmatic stance. The Taurus lover has a possessive streak, and will show it in subtle ways in public, like putting a hand on the shoulder, if you're chatting with someone else. Beyond that, Taurus isn't especially fond of PDA, or sentimental walks down memory lane.

Taurus has a love of the familiar, because of its need to be warm, cozy and safe. That makes them great nesting partners, for raising a family and securing the home base. Contentment is not something they take for granted, and that keeps them loyal, and close to home. You can impress them with fruits in season, especially if you grew them yourself.

Or by offering a massage, after taking a class and learning how to do it skillfully. The best friend and mate for Taurus is someone who can hang. If you're restless to "do things" all the time, you'll be frustrated with the leisure-loving side of the Bull. Updated March 06, Taurus has a voluptuous love nature, but is known for being slow to act at first. Taurus is attracted to a mix of self-confidence and realistic humbleness. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.