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Just as easily, you will be able to rearrange from the work process to a festive mood, dreambooks predict. And you are a great friend.


It is a great fun just chat and make friends with you. What do dreams of "star" Cancer mean? It symbolizes the awakening of the desire to "give all of himself" to his household members. Devote time to children and your second half. And, it does not matter if you go somewhere on a journey or stay at home.

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The main thing is to be one whole with your family. That's what a sign of the zodiac can say that to see him in a dream is to a rampant of passions, so it is about Leo. Is this your star patron? Be prepared for what will be a difficult week for you. You will react sharply to any event, both positively, giving rise to a storm of joy and fun, as well as negatively, terrifying others with your own anger. One thing is for sure: no one will be bored! Virgo both in a dream and in a horoscope means conservatism. You will be calm about everything, sometimes meticulously, but correctly. You will have peace and harmony both in your soul and in your house.

And it will also be an intellectual time - you will be drawn to learn something new for yourself. If you saw the constellation Libra in a dream, it means that your intuition and the gift of foresight will sharpen, the dream books suggest, deciphering what this representative of the zodiac dreams about.

This is how you can avoid problems and do not make a mistake. Possessing a very powerful energy, Scorpio "infects" the one in whose dream he appeared with it, the interpreters assure. It is not difficult for you to subdue the will of another person, but remember that self-control is also necessary for you. And you will be also jealous with no reason, and performing hysterics to your soulmate.

Be patient, this period will not be long. What dreams about Sagittarius mean? Seeing this "centaur" in the dream, do not panic. Nothing bad will happen to you, because Sagittarius is a symbol of gentleness and kindness. Both you and the people around you will radiate positive and cordial feelings towards each other. Understanding what dreams of signs of the zodiac in the sky mean, one should mention the plots, where they are combined into groups.

More detailed dreams interpretation can be found in a dictionary by: stars , moon , two moons , red moon , starfall , sun , space , parade of planets. Welcome to CheckMyDream. Ass animal : All your great troubles, in spite of despairing circumstances, will end in ultimate success after much struggle and suffering. Baby: If you are nursing a baby, it denotes sorrow and misfortune.

If you see a baby who is sick, it means that somebody among your relatives will die. Bachelor: Dreaming of a bachelor indicates that you will shortly meet with a friend.

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Bankruptcy: Although you may not find yourself financially bankrupt in waking life, dreams of bankruptcy should be viewed as a warning to exercise caution in all business transactions. Beauty: Like many dream symbols, this represents the inverse of its literal meaning. Dreams of being beautiful suggest that you will become ill or infirm and your physical appearance will deteriorate. Birds : To see birds flying is very unlucky; it denotes sorrowful setback in circumstances. The sound of birdsong, however, symbolizes an improvement in personal fortunes.

Birth: For unmarried women, to dream of giving birth to children is indicative of inevitable adultery. For married women, it indicates happy "confinement," the period of time that pregnant women or new mothers traditionally withdrew from ordinary life. Boat: To sail in a boat or ship on smooth waters is lucky.

On rough waters, it is unlucky. To fall into water indicates great peril.

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Books: To dream of books is an auspicious sign, suggesting your future life will be very agreeable. Women who dream of books while pregnant will give birth to a son who loves to read. Bread: You will succeed in earthly business pursuits. Eating good bread indicates good health and long life. Burned bread is a sign of a funeral and, thus, is bad. Bride, Bridegroom: This symbol is an unlucky one that indicates sorrow and disappointment.

You will mourn the death of some relative. Butter: Butter represents joy, bounty, and good fortune. If you are suffering for any reason, the distress will pass quickly, replaced by feelings of contentment. Camel: Heavy burdens will come upon you.

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You will meet with heavy disasters, but you will bear them with heroism. Dreaming of killing a cat suggests your enemies will be discovered. Clouds: Dark clouds indicate that great sorrows lie in your future—but they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking away in the dream.

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Corpse: Seeing a corpse in a dream indicates a hasty and imprudent engagement in which you will be unhappy. Milking a cow represents the arrival of wealth or fortune. But dreaming of being pursued by a cow represents being pursued by an enemy. Death: Dreaming of death symbolizes a long, rich life. If you are ill and dream of death, that means your health will improve. Desert: Traveling across a desert in a dream says that a long and tedious journey is inevitable. If the sunshine is present, your journey will be successful.

Devil: Dreaming of the devil suggests great harm may lie in store for you in the future. The best course of action after such a dream is to lead a virtuous life and avoid temptations. Dinner: Eating dinner symbolizes a future where food and sustenance may be hard to come by. Your enemies will try to impugn your reputation, and you must be careful when choosing friends.

Disease: If a sick person dreams of disease, it means recovery from illness. To young men, dreaming of disease is a warning against evil company and intemperance. Earthquake: Dreams of an earthquake predict a great loss, either personal, professional, or financial.

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Family ties may be strained or broken, especially if a death occurs, and fear and heartbreak lie in store. Eclipse: This is one of the bleakest dream symbols. An eclipse symbolizes death, the loss of hope and pleasure, and friendships that end in betrayal. Elephant : Dreaming of this animal represents good health, success, strength, prosperity, and intelligence. Embroidery: This symbol serves as a warning that the persons who love you are not true.

They will deceive you. Famine: In dreams, famine represents prosperity for the many and comfort for the individual. It suggests a time of love and leisure. Father: In dreams, the image of a father yours or someone else's is a representation of love and well-being. If you dream of your father dying, however, great misfortune may lie in your future.

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On the other hand, dreaming of scorched fields suggests a future of hardship and famine. Fighting: Fighting in a dream represents domestic discord, family fights, and misunderstanding between lovers. Fire: Dreaming of fire predicts health and great happiness, kind relations, and warm friends.

But to ordinary persons, it indicates bad health and unfavorable circumstances. You will be very fortunate in all your undertakings.

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Frogs: Dreaming of frogs indicates that you will achieve success in your endeavors, whatever they may be.